Bespoke Reupholstery

Reupholster Your Furniture

All of the upholstery you see on this website was done by myself. I have a number of unique hand made chairs and cushions for sale that have been finished in gorgeous materials ready to be delivered. I am also available for commisioned work and can undertake a limited number of other projects where clients would like bespoke chair reupholstery and have a particular chair and fabric in mind.

The chair or the fabric may be provided to me or I can source these for you. I have a selection of fabrics that I can send samples of for you to choose from, and I can help you make the decision as to what would work best with your decor if you are unsure. And if I do not have the fabric you have in mind, I can help you to find it.

Prices range enormously depending on the piece. All chairs are different, and require varying degrees of work and fabric, so send me a photo, along with a description of what you would like to do with it, and I will reply with a rough estimate of cost.

For logistical reasons I usually only undertake upholstery work in the Greater Manchester area and can arrange with you to come and view the furniture. But if you are prepared to have the furniture delivered to me and collected from me, I would consider doing work further afield. I recommend for moving furniture at a reasonable price.

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